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Bonus - Good Morning
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Just a nice little morning scene of our family in their post-TI life... >_>

I had planned (and toyed with) a bit more "coloring" and more shadow/light play, but that made a lot of work even more excessive, considering... >_>

Also, if I may say, the second to last panel is probably the best I ever got adult Asuka, even if there's a good contender in... >_>

Also, the format may seem odd, but I didn't really want to split it up, and hey, it's a digital format, might as well make use of it. And it's not as bad as in... >_>

Alright, alright, let's not beat around the bush any more. Here's kinda, sorta a Part 2 - however: It contains quite some spoilers in regards to a certain 4-part movie series that recently concluded recently as of writing this. Also not to be taken too seriously, and most certainly not canon to either series, including T2t. ;)

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