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16th Teaser(?)3484 viewsWell, not so much of a teaser as that last pic. This one's actually for the chapter itself.
Tried myself on a new prog for the outlines, but I guess that still needs some training. And yeah, curtains pretty much suck.
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[old line]Chapter2-31904 views22222
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[old line]Chapter2-41564 views22222
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[concept]"Mari" Suzuhara15038 viewsA bit odd to start the new character concepts with a character I'm not even sure I'm ever going to use - she's too old to be in Aki's kindergarten class, after all. But her design was pretty easy: some resemblance to her brother, also having a somewhat sporty look to fit the family. Only those leg-stabilizer-things would use a better, less clunky look.
If she ever appears, she probably won't actually be called "Mari" though - I don't like going with the masses and with the new Rebuild chara apparently having that name, it might start to fade as acronym for Toji's sister eventually anyway.
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4746 viewsColoring of older sketch22222
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2326 viewsColoring of old sketch22222
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[old sketch]Chapter1-32144 views22222
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random pic for chap 65620 views11111
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