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xmas0617082 viewsA little bonus pic I did for Christmas 2006. Don't expect this to show up in T2t. ;)

Not completely happy with some things here and there (tree's shadow, some perspective things, color brightness (though I adjusted that a tons of time already and actually is probably the best I did so far)...), but overall it came off quite nicely. Especially regarding that I haven't drawn a full pic in ages. :P
[concept]"Mari" Suzuhara15033 viewsA bit odd to start the new character concepts with a character I'm not even sure I'm ever going to use - she's too old to be in Aki's kindergarten class, after all. But her design was pretty easy: some resemblance to her brother, also having a somewhat sporty look to fit the family. Only those leg-stabilizer-things would use a better, less clunky look.
If she ever appears, she probably won't actually be called "Mari" though - I don't like going with the masses and with the new Rebuild chara apparently having that name, it might start to fade as acronym for Toji's sister eventually anyway.
Family11667 viewsStarting up the illustrations again, first up for the final scene
[current final]Chapter1-111308 views
10 year anniversary10844 views
Aki Concept7243 viewsAs the name says, these were the very first concept drawings I did of Aki.
Chap 8 Teaser6559 views
Waiting...6374 viewsA bit early for the annual Christmas pic, but I figured it'd fit, given the subject. And yeah, I guess it's not just "...for Christmas"... ^^;
Chapter4-45791 views
random pic for chap 65608 views
5454 viewsAn older pic of Asuka with Aki. Aki's head doesn't seem quite right and it's a little "grey-ish"
banner5417 views
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