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3640 viewsNot quite a T2t-fitting pic, but I once saw a documentary with a cute japanese kindergarten-kid in a similar outfit and I just had to put Aki in this. Didn't quite turn out as intended, but not too shabby either.06/11/19 at 22:38Guest_SG: AAWWWWW, She is so adorable
5890 viewsAn older pic of Asuka with Aki. Aki's head doesn't seem quite right and it's a little "grey-ish"07/25/17 at 15:21Guest_TAMMI: Great work in fact so natural seo expert Laughing
10 year anniversary11411 views07/01/13 at 15:55Guest_B123: Nice picture, though I wonder who caught her picki...
4781 views01/18/13 at 17:48Guest_EvaBrothers.com: A lovely illustration for one of my favorite chapt...
Aki3033 viewsDespite (or maybe just because) being rather simple, this is one of my favorites of all pics I ever did, even if she's looking a bit older than she's supposed to be in T2t.01/16/13 at 02:21Guest_B123: Have I ever said how much I love your work.
Waiting...6851 viewsA bit early for the annual Christmas pic, but I figured it'd fit, given the subject. And yeah, I guess it's not just "...for Christmas"... ^^;01/10/13 at 14:49Guest_B123: I remember the days when I was like that, waiting ...
3908 viewsFigured I should do at least a little Christmas present. Even if it's rushed and I guess it doesn't make too much sense that Aki wouldn't use her favorite color by default. :P12/24/11 at 23:41Guest_B123: Thank you for the pic and I love how Aki is colour...
2997 views07/17/11 at 08:12Michael: Great pic!
4781 views03/13/11 at 04:47Jacob: For some reason, Shinji reminds me of Clark Kent w...
Chap 8 Teaser7019 views12/28/10 at 07:43incognitogrl: lol is that a sachiel doll? awesome! Very Happy
4781 views10/14/10 at 03:28incognitogrl: Very Happy I really like this one, it's very well done! ...
[concept]"Mari" Suzuhara15406 viewsA bit odd to start the new character concepts with a character I'm not even sure I'm ever going to use - she's too old to be in Aki's kindergarten class, after all. But her design was pretty easy: some resemblance to her brother, also having a somewhat sporty look to fit the family. Only those leg-stabilizer-things would use a better, less clunky look.
If she ever appears, she probably won't actually be called "Mari" though - I don't like going with the masses and with the new Rebuild chara apparently having that name, it might start to fade as acronym for Toji's sister eventually anyway.
09/06/10 at 00:06GW: Not bad,I`ve only seen 2 other artists impressions...
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