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Chapter1AE-190 views
T2t Cover660 viewsCover for T2t, finally.
Chap 8 Teaser7062 views
Wedding3509 views"Remastered" version of http://www.jimmys-desktop.de/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=96 (of which I apparently even only have a "okay-ish" looking smaller version here)...
Waiting...6881 viewsA bit early for the annual Christmas pic, but I figured it'd fit, given the subject. And yeah, I guess it's not just "...for Christmas"... ^^;
xmas0617601 viewsA little bonus pic I did for Christmas 2006. Don't expect this to show up in T2t. ;)

Not completely happy with some things here and there (tree's shadow, some perspective things, color brightness (though I adjusted that a tons of time already and actually is probably the best I did so far)...), but overall it came off quite nicely. Especially regarding that I haven't drawn a full pic in ages. :P
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