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Bonus - Easter
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It's Easter - well, Easter Sunday, to be precise, since we figured we want to use the holiday to actually have some days off, so we took the Monday along with it. :D
First up, there's the Easter Fires, actually usually done on the Saturday before. It's a bit of a dying tradition, due to new regulations and fire hazard rules (recently read that in my city alone, their numbers went down from over a hundred to below twenty in the last decade). Back in my day though (get off ma lawn, while you're at it!), we usually had one on the "field" of my Grandpa's garden, were they'd put up pretty much all the wood from the neighborhood, be it regular firewood, the collected remains from trimming the trees and bushes or busted crates (maybe even furniture? Not entirely sure, I just remember sometimes having to look out for nails still in the wood). So even if it was "just" a large bonfire, there was a nice social component to it, with family, friends and neighbors coming together to watch.
Now, while these private fires are dying out a bit, there are still public ones, and they can get quite huge. I remember one (that wasn't even all that public) organized by the owner of the camping site we often went to on the weekends, which I think actually had whole cut up trees in there.

Then, of course, we have the Easter egg hunt. Naturally, this is far from being a German-only tradition, but I can't really omit it now, can I? Though while there certainly are eggs (whether self-colored or bought), it's not just an egg-only hunt, actually. There's also chocolate in rabbit or also in egg form, other candy, nowadays also increasingly toys. Not really much else to add, other than the sad tale of learning years later that our parents extended the hunt by totally stealing our hard-earned finding from our bags to hide them again. :(

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