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"Family in the Garden" by Jed Lobo15150 viewsArtist's notes:
"Some notes about the drawing:
It is an image of the family in the garden, evident by Asuka's watering pot and both she and Shinji's light clothing, since I imagine them doing labor in the heat w/o much on. Aki is grabbing hold of Shinji's leg, and is barefoot, as usual. Also, I figured because of her partly German ancestry, and Shinji's full Japanese ancestry, Asuka would have an advantage in growth potential. In the beginning of the series, she was taller than Shinji, and though boys do grow over a longer period of time, I figured the hard labor of supporting a family with shelter and food, having a somewhat unbalanced diet, as well as not acquiring a lot of sleep during the essential phase of male growth (between the ages of 14 and 18) because of taking care of Aki, he didn't get to grow to his full potential, while Asuka was well into the female growth spurt already. Therefore, I drew them at about the same height, though she may be about an inch taller. The two of them are approximately 5'6" or 5'7" (about 166-167 cm) Their age in the drawing is approximately 20 or 21."
Aki's fear p176565 viewsA fancomic by RedBahamut
Aki's fear p54325 viewsA fancomic by RedBahamut

More pages to come.
Aki's fear p213565 viewsFinal page of RedBahamut fancomic. Thanks again for this! :D
Aki's fear p203489 viewsA fancomic by RedBahamut
Aki's fear p23014 viewsA fancomic by RedBahamut
Aki's fear p62886 viewsA fancomic by RedBahamut
Aki's fear p142680 viewsA fancomic by RedBahamut
Aki's fear p122636 viewsA fancomic by RedBahamut
Aki's fear p12556 viewsA fancomic by RedBahamut
Aki's fear p132535 viewsA fancomic by RedBahamut
Aki's fear p102249 viewsA fancomic by RedBahamut
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