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Aki2121 views:)Jun 28, 2019
Family250 viewsStarting up the illustrations again, first up for the final sceneFeb 13, 2019
504 viewsNov 10, 2017
738 viewsDec 24, 2015
10 year anniversary10429 viewsJun 28, 2013
Waiting...2185 viewsA bit early for the annual Christmas pic, but I figured it'd fit, given the subject. And yeah, I guess it's not just "...for Christmas"... ^^;Dec 23, 2012
3125 viewsFigured I should do at least a little Christmas present. Even if it's rushed and I guess it doesn't make too much sense that Aki wouldn't use her favorite color by default. :PDec 24, 2011
2244 viewsSep 01, 2010
3871 viewsMay 01, 2010
Aki & Kiko2009 viewsMeh, she looks a bit too old again, the shoulders are off, and Kiko's a bit too small in comparison... but hell, it's still one of the better ones. :PFeb 12, 2010
[concept]"Mari" Suzuhara14678 viewsA bit odd to start the new character concepts with a character I'm not even sure I'm ever going to use - she's too old to be in Aki's kindergarten class, after all. But her design was pretty easy: some resemblance to her brother, also having a somewhat sporty look to fit the family. Only those leg-stabilizer-things would use a better, less clunky look.
If she ever appears, she probably won't actually be called "Mari" though - I don't like going with the masses and with the new Rebuild chara apparently having that name, it might start to fade as acronym for Toji's sister eventually anyway.
Aug 10, 2008
16th Teaser(?)3009 viewsWell, not so much of a teaser as that last pic. This one's actually for the chapter itself.
Tried myself on a new prog for the outlines, but I guess that still needs some training. And yeah, curtains pretty much suck.
Sep 24, 2007
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